Edward Schaefer: master, artisan & teacher

Q: Why have you continued to be involved with the studio?

A: “Over so many years I have found that there is always something new to learn and share.”

Alyson Jackere Schultz: artisan & teacher

“The entire creative process is pure entertainment, I promise! Mastering this field of knowledge and finding a passion within it is a self-revelation with an almost medicinal effect.”

Kirby Azurin: artisan, co-founder & owner FRāMIST Ltd

Q: What brought you to the Studio?

A: As a long-time collector, I studied old catalogues from Sotheby’s and Christie’s, and vintage Architectural Digest magazines. In countless references, from restoration of one-off originals to historically accurate reproductions, Isabel O’Neil Studio was referenced, credited, or advertised. I looked them up and was glad I did! I found a warm and nurturing community of artisans and fellow collectors, makers, and handicraft enthusiasts keeping centuries-old techniques alive and passing along generational knowledge of the many applications of the decorative finish.

Dorothy Slover: former President of the Isabel O’Neil Foundation

“I believe the art form has tremendous spiritual value because it is disciplined, yet it allows for tremendous creativity within the discipline. There is spiritual value in the school itself, because everyone gives. Everyone that is involved is equally concerned with everyone else’s success. We want people to succeed.”