Vernissage 2016

Our 61th Anniversary Vernissage took place on September 10, 2016.  The exhibition showcased a comprehensive collection of the students’ work from the past school year and in addition, in honor of this special anniversary, there was a retrospective exhibit of masterpieces. These were a selection of exceptional works rendered by past and present Isabel O’Neil Masters and Journeymen on loan from various collections. The evening was well attended, with many current and past students and teachers.


Right: Genie Furhmann with honoree Sally Spitzer.

Sally Spitzer, Erbu on snuff bottles, marble,
rice grain snuff bottles

Sally Spitzer, faux lapis lazuli boxes
Julie Sargent, Isabel O'Neil Foundation President
The appreciative and congratulatory crowd
Michael Bacon, Judy Terk Futterman, Betsy Bacon
Philipi and Mays Morais
Breche marble bowls
Casein, Florentine bracket
Genie Furhmann
Pam Ward and Margi Brenizer
Basic Furniture Painting
Jane Dietche, Journeyman Chair
Malachite Trousers, Edward Schaefer
Lapis Lazuli eggs
Yellow Poppy Jasper box

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