Advanced Courses / Skins, Horn and Fur

The pattern and texture of the crocodile's skin is rendered realistically. However, the exaggeration of color enhances the decorative effect.

Snake Skin
The combination of regular and irregular markings make the reptile's skin an ideal subject for decorative painting. The illusion is rendered using layered glazing techniques.

The painted facsimile is achieved with a discriminate use of earth tones applied in a linear but slightly irregular manner.

This exotic material, made from skins of sharks and stingrays, has served as a veneer on everything from from the grips of samurai swords to the Duke of Windsor's shoes, During the art-deco period, French designers used it to great effect on furniture and objets d'art. The caviar-like texture is replicated in the Isabel O'Neil Studio using a subtle palette of oil paints, glazing techniques and water.

Leopard Skin
The irregular pattern and lively rhythm of the leopard's fur make it an ideal subject for a faux finish. The decorative painter's satisfaction is further enhanced by her ability to embellish a work without endangering the species.

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